What Happens During a Hyperbaric Treatment Session?  

We like to describe a hyperbaric machine like your "own personal spaceship that takes you on a healing journey".   During a session a patient is enclosed in the hyperbaric and compressed air fed into the hyperbaric until the appropriate pressure is reached for the condition being treated.  It takes approximately 10 minutes at the beginning and end of each treatment session to both descend and ascend to this pressure.  Ascending and descending are similar to scuba diving or changing altitude in a plane.  Many peoples' ears equalize or "pop".  When the hyperbaric, and patient, are at the appropriate pressure, oxygen becomes a liquid and can access areas to increase healing.

How Long is a Session? 

Each session, depending on the condition being treated, at full pressure lasts 60-150 minutes, not including the time it takes to ascend and descend.

How Many Sessions Are Needed? 

Again, this depends on the condition being treated.  Generally, 10-30 sessions are initially prescribed by our M.D., and progress is re-assessed every 5-10 treatments.

What Do I Do While I am in the Hyperbaric? 

During your session you may have a book, pencil and paper. However, don’t be surprised if you choose to enjoy a pleasant nap instead of using it, because the therapy is so relaxing.

Is It Safe?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a low-risk medical treatment, and it is important to discuss your medical history and current health situation with our doctors to be certain that you are 100% cleared for this type of treatment.

What are the Effects of Hyperbaric?
•Reduces edema and swelling.
•Antibacterial-enables white blood cells to eliminate bacteria more efficiently.
•Enhances effectiveness of some antibiotics & synergistically amplifies white blood cell action.
•Promotes formation of new blood vessels and enhances wound healing.
•Resolves bruising and reduces scarring.
•New formation of collagen.
•Enhances and helps regulate the immune system.
•Slightly alkalizes pH and regulates body temperature.
•Heals nerve endings, reduces pain and shortens pain cycles