Calista Petrie, MA

Jay West, HT

  Shannon Ginnan, MD

Calista Petrie has enjoyed participating in patient care at Integrative Hyperbaric & Wound Care as the Office Manager and Medical Assistant and has been with the family owned practice since opening in 2010. She developed a passion for healthcare from a young age descending from 3 generations of women doctors and practitioners and was accepted in the MENSA high IQ society at age four.  Calista attended Fairfax High School, followed by Graham Webb Academy for cosmetology, before proceeding to earn her Registered Medical Assistant from American Medical Technologists. She completed a certification in Functional Nutrition from Institute for Functional Medicine and has completed numerous accredited CME certificate courses in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, endocrine and hormonal disorders, environmental immunology, HIPPA and OSHA safety and security, human resources, and disease risk factors.

Shannon Ginnan MD,  certified hyperbaric medicine physician, is an expert on integrating hyperbaric treatment in customized treatment programs to help heal the body from the inside-out.  He loves helping patients who feel they've reached the "end-of-their-road" get better! Dr. Ginnan is well versed in functional medicine, which looks at the functional causality of a certain health condition, such as diabetes, and strives to treat the underlying cause of the dysfunction instead of just the symptoms themselves. Functional medicine allows Dr. Ginnan to improve the lives of his patients by finding and removing dysfunction and returning the body to a balanced state; decreased pain, increased balance and increased energy, to name just a few. These changes are orchestrated by thorough patient education and positive one-on-one interactions with Dr. Ginnan as well as those of the other holistic specialists of Integrative Hyperbaric & Wound Care.

Jay West is the Hyperbaric Technician Manager of Integrative Hyperbaric & Wound Care. He completed training as an EMT with multiple emergent care certifications through AEC and obtained his Hyperbaric Technician certification through IHMF. He enjoys working with patients to help improve their conditions and quality of life, as well as outreaching in the community to help as many patients and physicians as possible through hyperbaric and integrative medicine. Jay works with Dr. Shannon Ginnan, MD to deliver the most effective and pleasant hyperbaric experience possible at the clinic.