Feeling Better & Functioning Better

We have created a comprehensive program of care to address these common ongoing issues of cancer patients in remission:

•Sleep Difficulties
•Urinary Difficulties
•Limited Range of Motion
•Neuropathies & Nerve Pain
•Tissue Damage after Radiation
•Cognitive Problems/Chemo Brain
•Swelling & Fluid Retention
•Loss of Saliva Production
•Non-healing Wounds
•Swallowing Difficulty
•Digestive Issues
•Urinary Issues
•Blood Loss

We start with a thorough history and exam in order to determine your health concerns and goals.  Based on this our physician orders necessary lab testing (such as blood, urine, stool, saliva, nutrient testing etc.) in order to create a custom program just for you based on underlying causes & imbalances.

Treatment tools we use:

•Chiropractic care

•Physical therapy & exercise/rehab programs

•Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for anemia and radiation tissue damage
•Platelet-rich plasma and proprietary injections for reducing inflammation and helping heal neuropathies and reduce pain
•Customized vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals based on your test results in order to repair and replenish
•Individualized nutrition to address imbalances & optimize health

•Cold laser therapy

Looking Better

Cancer treatments, including radiation, chemotherapy & surgery, affect the outward appearance in many ways, including lost volume underneath the skin, changes in skin tone and texture, scars & scar tissue, hyperpigmentation, and loss or thinning of hair.  All of this can lead to disfigurement & cancer patients wanting to improve their appearance.

Our aesthetic expert, Dr. Shannon Ginnan MD, has many years of experience helping folks to naturally look their best. He is a master at combining treatments in order to help you function, feel and look your best. 

Treatments to assist you look better are uniquely combined for you and may include:


•Fillers for volume loss

•Photorejuvenation for pigmentation
•Rejuvenation with your own stem cells (called platelet rich plasma)

•IS Clinical Skincare designed for cancer patients

•Nerium Skincare & Nutrients
•Ulthera Ultrasound

•Low level laser

•Clearlift Laser

We look forward to creating a custom program, just for you in order to help you feel, function and look better.

Caring for Cancer Survivors…through Aesthetic, Hyperbaric & Integrative Medicine